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12 December 2023, Santiago, Chile

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Peru is considered one of the world's leading mining countries, currently ranked as the world's second-largest copper producer; it is among the four largest producers of silver, lead, zinc, tin and molybdenum, and also has large deposits of gold and non-metallic resources, such as phosphates and uranium.

Currently, there is an active portfolio of 48 mine construction projects, and mining investment for the period 2020-2021 is estimated to be equivalent to USD 12.8 billion.

Within Latin America, Peru has one of the biggest untapped potentials of new discoveries and production. Government policies and regulations make the mining sector attractive to foreign capital. Currently the country is seeing the beginning of a new investment cycle, of great dynamism in the exploitation of copper, focused mainly on three projects: Quellaveco (with a total investment of more than US $ 5 Bil), Mina Justa (US $ 1.6 Bil) and the expansion of Toromocho (US$ 1.3 Bil), other major projects are Quecher - Main – Yanacocha, and B2 San Rafael - Minsur (US$ 1.3 Bil). In addition, there are planned expansions in Las Bambas, Antamina and Cerro Verde in the coming years. US$59 billion of mining projects are waiting to be developed in the country over the next few years.


Forecasts and new opportunities for mining sector growth in Peru in a 10-year perspective

The most promising mining construction and modernization projects to be developed between 2020-2030

First-hand information on implementation, innovation, financing, regulation and all new in this thriving industry


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    Maibí Montoya

    Director and General Editor, Minerandina Comunicaciones y Consultoria Sac

    Topic of the presentation

    Overview of the mining market in Peru: investments, projects, trends

    César Homero Paredes Sánchez

    Senior Mine Supervisor, Gold Fields

    Topic of the presentation

    Innovations in Mine – Looking to the future

    José Aranibar Aguilar

    General Manager, Apumining Sac (Peru)

    Topic of the presentation

    Huaytullo mining project - life-changing mining project


    Laura Camacho
    Congress Producer
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    Catalina Velasco
    Marketing Manager
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    «Peru Mining – construction and
    modernization projects»

    April 28, 11.00 Peru time (-5 GMT)

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    Prior to the Congress and Exhibition
    “Mining Latin America”,
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