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Axter manufactures and sells waterproofing systems for roofing, as well as for Public Works, Civil Engineering and Mining. In this congress we present our COLETANCHE® Bituminous Geomembranes, 5,10 m wide, which are composed of a nonwoven geotextile and a glass fleece impregnated in an elastomeric bitumen. COLETANCHE ® offers a high chemical resistance as well as a very strong mechanical resistance, especially against puncturing that eliminates the need of an external protection geotextile, minimizes the requirements of sub-base preparation for deployment, and can remain exposed to the action of extreme weather conditions and UV radiation without any additional protection. Its properties and ease of deployment make COLETANCHE ® an excellent option for the waterproofing of different facilities for the mining industry, including but not limited to spoil dumps, tailings storage facilities, heap leach pads, reservoirs for water and other solutions, and mine closure woks.


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Emilio Escobar

Coletanche Business Manager – Latin America


Jorge Veliz

Commercial Technical Delegate - Peru

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