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ABCDust offers dust control and soil stabilization solutions for the mining, forestry and municipal industries, both for mobile emission sources and fixed emission points, such as roads and crushing plants.

We offer comprehensive solutions that combine additives, controlled irrigation equipment, PM sensors and road conditions with services to control and monitor particulate matter (PM), and the deterioration of each section of the roads. Likewise, we monitor environmental variables, production levels, and pollution to ensure dust suppression without reducing our clients' planned production.

Our solutions suppress 95-98% of dust, optimizing costs, reducing 80 to 90% of the use of water and additives and operating under the highest standards of quality, safety and sustainability.

We carry out R&D continuously in different critical areas for the development and integration of solutions that respond to the needs of our clients.

We have offices in Canada and Chile, and a network of international distributors.


2740, Einstein, Quebec, Quebec CANADA G1P 4S4

Nueva Providencia 2155 , Oficina 512 Torre B, Edificio Panorámico, Santiago, CHILE

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Samuel Toledo

Chief Executive Officer

Rafael Toledo

General Manager

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